Presentation@IEEE COOL Chips 26

Genta Inoue gave an oral presentation, and Jiale Yan gave a poster presentation at the IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems, COOL Chips 26, held in Takeda Hall, The University of Tokyo, Japan. Genta Inoue, “Flexibly Controllable Dynamic Cooling Methods for Solid-State Annealing Processors to Improve Combinatorial Read more…

Presentation@IEEE ISSCC2023

Assistant Prof. Kawamura gave a presentation entitled “Amorphica: 4-Replica 512 Fully Connected Spin 336MHz Metamorphic Annealer with Programmable Optimization Strategy and Compressed-Spin-Transfer Multi-Chip Extension” in IEEE ISSCC 2023 held in San Francisco in the USA from Feb. 19th to 23rd. Also, in the demonstration session, Assistant Prof. Kawamura, Mr. Okonogi, Read more…

Research presentations @SIG-FPAI

Our first year Master’s student Mari Yasunaga and undergraduate student Akihiro Shioda gave presentations at SIG-FPAI on January 20, 2023. Mari Yasunaga: A Highly Accurate and Parallel NN FPGA Accelerator based on FP8 SIMD Operations Akihiro Shioda: Reinforcement Learning Method for Autonomous Driving based on Equivariant Networks

One paper is accepted to ICML 2022

Our paper entitled “Multicoated Supermasks Enhance Hidden Networks” has been accepted to ICML 2022. Our second year Master’s student Yasuyuki Okoshi will give a short presentation at the conference in July 2022. Congratulations! ICML 2022 (held in a hybrid format (both in-person at Baltimore and virtually) on 17th-23rd July 2022)