Presentation@IEEE COOL Chips 26

Genta Inoue gave an oral presentation, and Jiale Yan gave a poster presentation at the IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems, COOL Chips 26, held in Takeda Hall, The University of Tokyo, Japan. Genta Inoue, “Flexibly Controllable Dynamic Cooling Methods for Solid-State Annealing Processors to Improve Combinatorial Read more…

Best paper award at FPT 2021

Our paper entitled “A High-Performance and Flexible FPGA Inference Accelerator for Decision Forests Based on Prior Feature Space Partitioning” received the best paper award at FPT 2021. Congratulations to Assistant Professor Thiem Van Chu! FPT 2021 (held virtually on 6th-10th December 2021)