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Artificially Intelligent Computing Research Unit

ーInformation Processing Architecture Exploration of
the Post Neumann and Post Moore Eraー

Creation of Novel Platform for AI Computing

Promotion of SW-HW Collaborative Architecture

Pursuit of Autonomy, Safety, and Efficiency

To Students and Researchers

ArtIC is now expanding its research activities with an emphasis on exciting research that has a significant impact on society. In the progress of practical research considering the needs for AI applications, ArtIC focuses not on the mere improvement of performance indicators but on unique ideas and paradigm-shift proposals, and this is an outstanding quality differentiating ArtIC from others.

Since the predecessor laboratory of ArtIC steadily had publicized its research achievements on leading conferences in the fields of machine learning, architecture, reconfigurable hardware, and integrated circuit, ArtIC is attracting worldwide attention. ArtIC has many research experiences and funds from industry-university collaboration, inter-university collaboration, and large-scale research projects, so that we can provide a good research environment where students and researchers are able to concentrate on their research and present internationally competitive talents. We are looking for motivated students and researchers: Someone who has an interest in AI information processing, who wants to challenge SW-HW interdisciplinary research, who likes designing new things, who wants to operate LSI chips with the architecture devised by yourself, or who seeks a place to leap overseas. 

Toward Establishing Structural Information Processing Foundation

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Labratory Life

We have spacious personal space and a room for resting to support welfare of lab members.



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